Radiant Bliss Pharma

At Radiant Pharma we are excited about the potential of our products to contribute to the advancement of dental practice and as members of a company with a solid scientific base and dedicated to helping medical professionals, it motivates us to know that we are collaborating in the construction of a better future.

Radiant Pharma is a company with solid corporate values ​​that are evident in each and every one of its activities. Its raison d’être and the objective that guides us, is the use of science and innovation to improve people’s quality of life.

Radiant Pharma focuses on fulfilling the mission of serving patients. And at each step we are guided by the values ​​that define us:

Scientific basis

Our success is based on scientific innovation, integrity and continuous improvement.


Quality is the basis of all our activities. We seek the highest quality in information, decisions and people. We manufacture products and offer high quality services. Quality is immersed in everything we do.


We rigorously apply ethical standards to our products, services and communications.

Value for medical professionals, patients and employees.

We provide value by focusing on the needs of dentists and patients. Radiant Pharma creates a work environment that offers its employees the opportunity to develop their full potential.


Radiant Pharma is born from the will of a group of professionals in the pharmaceutical world convinced of the need to create a specialized laboratory in Dentistry that offers professionals a complete range of products for their daily practice.
With international capital and research and manufacturing centre in Europe, Radiant Pharma starts its activities in Mexico where the greatest knowledge of its managers is concentrated.
After more than twenty years working with the dental medical staff, the Radiant team has a deep knowledge of the specialty and launches a range of products specially designed to meet the needs of specialists and patients.


At Radiant Pharma we have set out to reach ambitious goals:

  • In Mexico, our headquarters, Radiant aspires to become the laboratory of first choice for dentistry professionals. Our advanced offer of products for the dentist, together with a personalized treatment to solve any need and a continuous training program, constitute the basis on which our leadership will be based.
  • Internationally, and in parallel to our entry into the Mexican market, at Radiant Pharma we are working to expand our presence in other markets both through subsidiaries and local distributors. Latin America is our first focus with countries in which we will be active in a few months.
  • Enlargement of our product portfolio. Radiant is constantly attentive to developments in the dental area that mean added value for professionals and patients. And it will be the first to offer these alternatives in the markets in which we work..