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At RBP we are excited about the potential of our products to contribute to the advancement of dental practice. As members of a company with a solid scientific base, dedicated to helping medical professionals, we are motivated to know that we are collaborating with oral health and the preservation of dental pieces that are not only the foundation of Health but also of the patient self-esteem.


Radiant Bliss Pharma Products in the World

Choose your option to know the products we distribute depending on the Region of the World in which you are. We currently have three strategic distribution points: Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Nedento® dental products

New generation of products specially developed for an effective and rapid treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease. 65% of the population suffers from this oral condition. Gingivitis in its early stage manifests itself through inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Its appearance is bright red or purple. The advanced stage is known as Periodontitis and consists of an inflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones. Its treatment and maintenance is for a lifetime.

Nedento Encias

Nedento Gums

Nedento Triclosán

Nedento Triclosan

Baftas® dental products

Accompanying you in all stages of life.

The Baftas dental line consists of 4 products, two for adult patients and two for babies / children

  1. Baftas Gel (Canker Sores) is indicated for the treatment of canker sores and wounds caused by braces or dentures.
  2. Baftas Surgery (Oral Healing) is indicated for the reduction and cure of inflammation of the gums undergoing periodontal surgery and implants.
  3. Baftas First Teeth. Specially formulated to soothe and protect the baby’s gums.
  4. Baftas Kids. Oral hygiene for children up to 7-8 years.

Baftas gel

Baftas Canker Sores gel

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Baftas Oral Healing

Post surgery healing

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Baftas First Teeth

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Baftas gel Kids

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Our success is based on scientific innovation, integrity and continuous improvement. In this way we contribute to the quality of life and a better future of people. In RBP we are guided by a strict professional ethic that we respect and follow in each of our activities. Our reason for being and the objective that guides us is the use of science and innovation to improve people’s quality of life.

Nedento® and Baftas® are two lines of oral care that include products for gingivitis, periodontitis, regeneration of oral tissue (ulcers and surgery), first teeth, first hygiene for children and xerostomia.

Dental prevention and care lines developed in Spain and nowadays marketed in Spain, Mexico, South Africa and Uruguay.

Innovative high tech products.

Radiant Bliss Pharma, OTC / OTX Dental Care Specialists.

Our goal is to be part of your daily life, preventing, curing and offering you a product for your treatment.
We will be happy to meet your needs and give you the best service.

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