From the first tooth up to 7-8 years. Strawberry flavor.

Specific protection against tooth decay of milk teeth

Daily oral hygiene of children up to 7-8 years of age to prevent cavities in milk teeth, keep them healthy and encourage proper oral care routine.

Baftas® Kids

Baftas ® Kids with triple action:

  • It forms a layer of calcium fluoride on the tooth enamel
  • Makes the teeth more resistant to the loss of minerals related to caries
  • Helps to reincorporate minerals dissolved by caries 


Sodium Fluoride 0.112%, Water, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, PEG-32, Glycerin Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Calcium Lactate, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Aroma Potassium Sorbate, Saccharin Sodium, Sodium Fluoride, Malic Acid Color 16035  Fluoride content: 500 ppm F


Baftas ® Kids is a dental gel specifically indicated for daily oral hygiene of children up to 8 years of age. Its daily use prevents cavities in milk teeth, keeps them healthy and helps to promote an appropriate oral care routine. 

Instructions for use: Apply an amount of gel equivalent to the size of a pea 1 time a day; for children after two years apply the same amount twice a day. 

Always use under the supervision of an adult.
Do not eat
In case of irritation, consult your dentist.
Gluten free. Paraben free. Non-abrasive